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Soothe therapy dough

I am very happy with this product. I have lavender and mint. The touch is smooth and cool. The fragrance is not overwhelming.


I just received my 2 containers of soothe. Absolutely no residue left on hands. I have the lavender and the peppermint. I thought lavender would be my favorite, turns our peppermint is. Both have subtle fragrance not too overwhelming. Peppermint smell is like unwrapping stick of chewing gum, pleasant and appealing. Looking forward to trying the cinnamon and I would like to recommend maybe dragons blood or patchouli for a future scent😊

Perfectly named!

I purchased the Peppermint and Lavender combo and I’m so happy that I did! I leave the Peppermint on my desk for when I need a quick, sensory reset and the Lavender on my nightstand for a pleasant night time wind down ritual. The product itself is very pleasing to all the senses. I’m eager to try more scents! Thank you for the great quality all the way around!

so relaxing

I tried the Sample and would recommend it to anyone. its does relax you when you need it the most.. thanks for letting me try it!

Thank you for trying Soothe Olympia! Happy to hear you found it relaxing :) - Corey

Smoothing smell

I love the scent! I use it while studying to keep focused. Easy to use and l carry it in my backpack everyday. It does get dry after couple weeks.

Thank you for your review Darcy. I value your feedback and am glad to hear it helps you with your studying! - Corey

I enjoy

I really enjoy squeezing after a long day while watching my shows. I like the smell very soothing.

Hi Stephanie! Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the dough :) Corey

Soothe Therapy Dough

I love 5his therapy dough! It smells amazing and leaves my hands smelling like mint. After trying it out, I did not want to put it down. The texture is super soft, softer than play dough, almost addicting. Does this help with my level of stress? One word...ABSOLUTELY!

Hi Michelle! Thank you for trying Soothe. I'm happy to hear it worked in reducing stress. - Corey

So good!

This really helped me calm down. The texture is smoother than Play Doh and was satisfying to touch/play with. The scent was also amazing! You need this 100%

Thank you for your review Gianna! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. - Corey

Better than a stress ball!

I have used a stress ball before but it was just too hard. Soothe Peppermint therapy dough is smooth, soft, smells great and is perfectly squeezable! With a chronic pain health condition I get very worn out then my stress level goes up. Once I play with your dough I am more relaxed. I have it on a table near the TV to use in the evening or anytime during the day. Thank you for my sample!

I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your sample Kathy! Thank you for your review :) - Corey

🙃 OMG!!! It's Amazing!!

Let me just tell you that the dough is amazing!! You knead to get you some of this dough. It feels and smells like heaven. Me and my 8 year old daughter enjoyed it so much. We can't wait till we're able to purchase some. I tell everyone about it. Thank you for the sample....and also thank you for coming up with this great product. You should feel so proud of yourself... look how good this product is doing!! 😎🤩 Keep up the good work..people knead this dough in their lives lol

Thank you so much for your review Melissa! Truly reviews like this make it all worth it. I'm happy to hear you and your daughter enjoyed the product and will keep Soothe in mind for the near future. Thank you again! - Corey

I liked my sample so much I ordered a 2 pack. But unfortunately the mail seems to have it held up somewhere so I don't know how other scents are.

Hi Anne! Carriers are currently experiencing unusual delays however it seems your 2 pack finally delivered today on Friday. If there's anything I can help with please let me know! I'm very happy to hear that you liked your sample and hope you enjoy the 2 pack as well. - Corey

Anxiety relief!

This is amazing! I have PTSD and super high anxiety and this actually helped me in some uncomfortable places by having this in my hands available to squeeze and press as it helps my anxiety! Thank you SO much! I will be ordering more!

Thank you Cheryl! I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed the product and will be keeping it in mind. - Corey

Soooo relaxing

So relaxing, no film left on ur hands abd smells amazing too!

" Soothe Therapy Dough is my therapist ".

suffer from anxiety/panic attacks for several years. Peoples and Onlines keep telling me playing with dough is a great therapist for those people who suffers from anxiety/panic attacks. So I decided to try this. And good enough, its definitely my therapist and I can smell the aroma of the peppermint on my hands. I am like wow. Yes, everybody should try this sample. Thank you with love, Soothe Therapy Dough!

Thank you for your review Jose! I'm happy to hear you found it helpful in treating anxiety. - Corey

Dope Product

Love this product. Awesome idea!

Hi Marco I'm glad to hear you liked the product. Thanks for your review :) - Corey

even the dog loved the peppermint scent

I really enjoy the scent. It was more softer then playdo. It was like soft chewing gum. It wasn't sticky so it was easy to roll it threw my finger. I will be coming back to buy more.

Thank you Julia! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it and look forward to your feedback on the other scents as well. - Corey

Great product

Used it one time and helped to keep my hands busy and to cause me to relax.

Loved it!

I got a sample of this peppermint dough and it's fantastic. The sample itself is enough to play with in one hand, but I'll likely buy a full size container just to try out some other scents. I struggle with nail biting as a result of anxiety, and this helps keep my hands busy while I'm working or watching TV. It also is a great consistency, not greasy, and smells wonderful.

Thank you for your review Elizabeth! Glad to hear that you liked the product and I do hope you try out the other scents as well. - Corey

Heavenly Duo

I purchased these (Chamomile and Lavender pair) intending to gift one but I can’t decide which I’m willing to part with, they smell absolutely incredible; I fact, I haven’t even taken the dough out yet, I just take the lid off and breathe in. Such a terrific product, I can’t wait to see what they come out with next!

Thank you for your review Lauren! And thank you for trying Soothe, I'm happy you to hear you liked the product. - Corey

Absolutely terrific!

I ordered Soothe for my 84 year old mother to use with her dementia. The peppermint and lavender dough ease her anxiety with scent and relieve arthritic hands. Thank you for a wonderful product!

Hi Sandy, thank you so much for trying Soothe. I'm very happy to hear your mother enjoyed the product! Thank you, Corey.

Loved it!

I only got a sample and I really enjoy using it for my anxiety (especially now that I have the flu). I was hoping the texture would be a little different because I think it would be great for my 8 year old who had ADD but I think she would identify it more with "slime". My sample was pretty thin... I still will probably order more for mother's day!


I received a sample in the mail, which literally didn’t do anything for me. It was so small, and I couldn’t even “play” or use it for its power. I will say the smell and the color were amazing, and honestly if I was to try it out I probably would love it. Just wish they gave you a little more to actually try it out!!

Peppermint Therapy Dough

Close your eyes and squeeze this amazing therapy dough in your hand or between your fingers and inhale the wonderful scent of peppermint. You will immediately see your stress levels going down. I love the texture and that it doesn’t stick to your hands and that the peppermint smell doesn’t fade even after several uses.


It’s incredibly soft and doesn’t stick to hands which is amazing! I absolutely love this product and will consider buying the larger container. The smell of on point and absolutely breath taking

Hi Grey, I'm very happy to hear that! Thank you for giving Soothe a chance :)

Thank you, Corey.

Peppermint soothe therapy dough

Corey, Thank you so much for the free sample of your peppermint soothe therapy dough. I received it the other day. Once I opened the pouch the smell was soothing immediately, then I touched it and squished it and it was so relaxing. I am definitely going to be buying some for my son and maybe more for me! :) Loved it!

Hi Tammy, thank you so much for your review. I hope your son enjoys the dough as well! Thanks, Corey.