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Great product for relaxing. Highly recommended.

Perfect for our Self Care Kit!

Exactly what was needed to round out our self care kits. Our customers loved the therapy dough from Soothe!

Best Therapy Dough

I first saw this product advertised on Good Morning America. I ordered a bunch to give to my daughter, nieces, nephews and a few friends. They loved it so much. They take it with them to class for exams, the scent and being able to have something to distract them from the anxiety of test taking is a tremendous help. I would highly recommend this product.

Awesome Sarah! Happy to hear it! Thank you for your feedback!

Love it

I just got one sent to me as a gift and I totally love the smell and I didn’t know about this, so I am totally want to buy the other ones they have, I really enjoy the smell

I made my purchases as gifts and so far I'm glad I did.

Soothe Therapy Dough - Black Friday Special

Instant heaven

Knead your stress away. Would make a great gift to give at the office.

I haven’t received at this time .

Soothe Therapy Dough - Pick a Scent (2-Pack)

Very good product!

Excellent value and great product for handling stress!

Thank you! Enjoy! - The Soothe Team


Love the smell and it has such calming effects.

Awesome! Great to hear you are enjoying it! - The Soothe Team

Soothe Therapy Dough - Hunter Paige 2-Pack
Jessica Moreno
Is it worth it?

My cousin recently bought me these I love it so much it’s so worth it.
It’s a bit pricey then the some other brands but I love it. I totally recommend it

Soothe Therapy Dough - Sandalwood - 4oz
Rae Owen

The texture is so silky smooth, and the scent is pleasant and not overwhelming.

Thank you for your review, Rae! Happy to hear it!

Soothe Therapy Dough - 2 Pack Special
Holly Schulmerich

Love it

Hi Holly thank you for trying Soothe and thank you for your review :) - Corey

Soothe Therapy Dough - Coconut - 4oz
Christina Lorenzen
Love this new scent!

I loved the cinnamon soothe dough but when I saw coconut was coming out I knew I had to have it. It’s so delicious. I feel like I’m relaxing on a beach with a pins colada just when I’m holding it. So pleased with both scents and I know I’m going to want to buy more in the future. Thumbs up from me!

Thank you for your review Christina! I'm glad to hear you liked the Coconut scent. - Corey

Favorite Scent!

The peppermint is so calming yet refreshing! Love this Therapy Dough. Great for meetings or other times that I am fidgety but can't get up and move around. Helps with my anxiety and ADHD.

Hi Alyssa thank you for your review! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the peppermint scent :) - Corey

The scent is fantastic

This therapy dough not only is relaxing to hold and squeeze, but the cinnamon is one of the best cinnamon scented products I’ve ever bought. I have cinnamon candles that don’t smell half as good as this dough. My daughter loves the peppermint. I’m going to be watching for more scents.

Hi Christina I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the product and the scents! Thank you for your review! - Corey

Soothe Therapy Dough - You Pick 2-Pack
Destinee Rohelia
Initial Review

I ordered this dough due to loving the ideas of stress balls but hating how tough (and stress inducing) they are to me. I ordered lavender and eucalyptus. The shipping is super fast. I ordered on a Tuesday and received the order by Friday (no shipping is another huge plus). I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eucalyptus. It doesn’t transfer onto my hands and the smell is amazing. I am however, not too fond of the lavender one. It feels a bit gritty and sticky and the smell isn’t to my liking. I will probably see about getting another scent. Overall, the experience is great and super calming!

Hi Destinee thank you so much for your review! I value your feedback and will keep it in mind as I constantly work to perfect the product. - Corey

Soothe Therapy Dough - You Pick 2-Pack
Bevin Nixon, LCSW
Feels great

The feel is so soft and it doesn’t stick to your hands. The fragrance is a good strength too - I was surprised!

Hi Bevin thank you for trying Soothe and thank you for your review :) - Corey

Very relaxing!

Love the lavender!

Hi Stephanie thank you for your review. I'm glad to hear you liked the lavender scent! - Corey

Won it - but now I'm a customer

I won some of the therapy dough in a contest on instagram and I am SO GLAD I did! I am a therapist and I fidget during sessions myself (and meeting, trainings, any period of time that forces me to sit "still"). I am going to be ordering some to make care packages for my fellow therapists! I haven't met a scent I don't like, and it is so relaxing to play with.

Thank you for your review LeeAnne! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the product :) - Corey

Love these

I absolutely love the scents. The chamomile and eucalyptus are great texture, however I find that the lavendar one leaves a grit on my hands. No big deal, I just wash my hands afterwards. Otherwise these are great and I have recommended them to my friends!!

Hi Courtney thank you for your review! I'm glad you enjoyed the chamomile and eucalyptus scents and I certainly value your feedback and will take it into account as I work to keep improving the product. - Corey

Soothe Therapy Dough - Refresh - 2 Pack Special

Love these. Use them every day. Thanks

Hi Sarah I'm happy to hear you liked the product. Thank you for trying Soothe! - Corey

Awesome product, use daily

I love smooth, it is calming to use and the smell is soothing. I use the two I have daily, especially during work meetings. Helps with focus and staying present.

Hi Karen thank you for your review. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the product :) - Corey